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Sprung Raum

Sprung Raum is the first venture into Germany for Airparx. Based in Hamburg, this Airparx inflatable theme park was unusual in many respects due to the technical specifications and confines of the area we were presented with. The low ceilings heights gave us a challenge with the particular activities we could include in the park. The end results in a superbly well designed and constructed inflatable theme park that comprises of a maze of intriguing activities, channels, obstacles and bounce areas. The integral lighting, branding and colour brings the Sprung Raum inflatable theme park to life and we are very proud of this project. It is an example of how trampoline parks and inflatable theme parks can work together in harmony, both offering a different experience, activity and fun. The inflatable section has picked up and utilised the area of dead space where trampolines were not appropriate.

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