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Limitless – the first Airparx delivery to Wales!

Here is one of our latest indoor inflatable theme parks, designed manufactured and supplied to Limitless in Swansea. This is the first Airparx Air Park / Inflatable Theme Park delivered to South Wales and Wales in general. We were proud and honoured to work with the team at Limitless on the product.

Click here to go to Limitless Inflata Park website

Airquee is a manufacturer of inflatable theme parks and our brand “Airparx” is the world leader for indoor and outdoor use. We have supplied the biggest and most renowned indoor inflatable parks in the UK including Inflata Nation, Fun Shack and Planet Bounce. We have also manufactured inflatable theme parks for international clients in both Poland (Bounce Poland) and Austria (Flip Lab) and Germany (Landau Park).

Airquee is the chosen inflatable theme park manufacturer in most cases because as Europe’s biggest manufacturer of inflatable parks, we have design capability, manufacturing capacity, customer service infrastructure and on-site expertise to not only conceive, design and supply, but also maintain and take care of your inflatable place space.

The Limitless Airparx is a demonstration how Airquee can offer unrivalled design to fit around pillars and other obstacles to maximise space utilisation. No other manufacture has the design expertise that Airquee Airparx has to achieve this.

Revenue from inflatable play parks can be ginormous. Our first-mover clients are experiencing vast numbers of visitors on a daily basis and are generating anything from £10.00 to £40.00 per head per session. This is equal and exceeding trampoline park revenues. In addition, inflatable theme parks are safer and have no metal elements inside that can put participants in danger.

As with Limitless, we ca brand all inflatables to match your brand or corporate identity. We design and print everything in-house so all our products are signed off to exactly how they should look before they go into the manufacturing phase of the inflatable play park.

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