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Airparx by Airquee was the designer, manufacturer, producer and supplier of Inflata Nation, the world’s first inflatable theme park that was delivered to Manchester in the UK. Airparx by Airquee was chosen because of our worldwide reputation for being the global market leader in the design and manufacturing quality of inflatable products.

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The InflataNation inflatable theme park is not just a big bouncy castle. It is designed and manufactured in a totally different way using specifically chosen and a unique set of materials designed for the intensive use that they will get in an environment that attracts up to 1000 participants per day, 365 days a year. That is a huge number of visitors by anyone’s reckoning!

Airquee has now delivered inflatable theme parks all over the world and they are proving to stand up to the test of time as well as innovation. We can design inflatable theme parks to join separate rooms together (see Innoflate in Aberdeen) and over multi-levels (see InflateSpace, Newcastle). Our inflatable theme parks can be any size, from 200M2, to over 2500M2. For more information, please contact our sales tam.

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