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Why Airparx?

Why Airparx

Airparx is the market leader in Active Adventure Manufacturing

Airparx by Airquee is the world’s first and the original designer & manufacturer of inflatable theme parks. We’ve delivered inflatable theme parks all over the world and we are by far the most proficient, experienced and reliable manufacturer. We have a proven track record in the design, manufacture, supply, installation and back up service & maintenance of inflatable theme parks.

Airparx has now developed into the market leader in Active Adventure Manufacturing including inflatable theme parks, trampoline parks, climbing walls, modular play structures, etc.

Why Airparx Inflatable Theme Park by Airquee?

If you are considering buying an inflatable theme park, don’t underestimate the importance of track record when choosing who you will work with. Airparx by Airquee have the global infrastructure of 250 people to offer support and maintenance when you need it. As Europe’s biggest manufacturer of inflatables we have supplied some of the major global brands and organisations with inflatable parks because we can demonstrate an unrivalled service in what we do. Airquee manufacture Airparx in our own manufacturing facilities, nothing is subcontracted. You should always visit and check out suppliers to be sure that companies can back up what they promise to deliver and maintain.

What you get with airparx

Some of the benefits to owning and operating and inflatable theme park from Airquee are:

  • Much cheaper insurance premiums than trampoline parks and other forms of indoor play parks.
  • Customers can generate in the region of £1000 per hour for a 10,000 sq ft (1000M2) park.
  • Great return on investment – typically within one year.
  • Much safer than other forms of trampoline parks and other FECs.

Details matter. Airquee is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of inflatables. Our experience means we know the small things that count to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently through making our products safer, more durable, easy to manage, easy to operate and easy to repair. We also have unrivalled support and maintenance services.

Take a look at other suppliers to see the difference in manufacturing capability. Wall heights, safety nets, slide run-offs, connections, removable covers and other easy to see details all make a huge difference to the owner experience. Speak to our customers in England, Wales, Scotland, Poland, Portugal, Austria and Germany – they will all tell you the same – that Airparx will design, deliver and support with unrivalled competence.

Safe Contractor  Internation Association Of Trampoline Parks

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