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Transparent climbing wall graphic
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Fun Climbing is recommended to help with confidence, trust, fitness, and more importantly, connecting with the inner child. Climbing Walls are a fantastic addition to any indoor adventure park, trampoline park or leisure centre who wish to expand their adventure offering a safe versatile attraction for all the family.

We can create totally bespoke climbing walls to various heights. By using your own artwork or choosing from the many designs we have already, you can customise your walls to be totally unique to you.

Each wall is designed and themed individually to create a memorable experience while working within a customers specific brand. Our Fun Walls are manufactured and engineered using a modular system which allows easier installation on site and within complex spaces and facilities. We work closely with climbing professionals who inspect and test our walls to meet the European Standard EN12572: 2019.

We can also produce clear back to back climbing walls allowing two people to face each other and race up the wall together. If you’re looking for a versatile fulfilled experience which can work with an existing attraction, Fun Climbing is a perfect fit.

Customers can use their own artwork or let us create something for you. With so many different types of wall and grip type to choose you can be sure that your walls will be totally unique. We can offer many different grip types from the traditional climbing holds, through to totally bespoke grips to match your artwork. We will then design your walls to suit your target audiences, making some easier or more challenging as you require.

Why not add interactivity into some of your climbing walls? Ready….Set…. Hit the button and climb. When you reach the top make sure you hit the big red button to stop the timer. Times are then shown on a screen ranking how each person does. Perfect for group events and to keep your audience interested for longer. By adding interactive elements like timed climbing you can create competitions between users which is ideal for parties and family groups.

Every wall is designed by a structural engineer ensuring the highest possible safety standards. They are then made in our factory before being shipped to your site and installed by us.

Once installed we will have them inspected by an independent company to ensure everything is perfect and meets the EN12572:2017 standard before you climb. We can even help train your staff.

Our Stairway to Heaven can be a real challenge, not just the thrill of the climb but once at the top you have to get down. How? Jump of course!! The exhilarating leap followed by the gentle glide down on the auto belay is something to excite every age group. This can also be customised to your own design, just speak to one of our team for more details.

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Airparx Climbing Walls Key Points

Cog with a tick inside - Qualitykey point
Quality design & construction
Two hands with a tick in a circle above - Safetykey point
Highest safety standards
Easy, medium and hard - Diffculty Levels key point
Full training, how to operate
Lightbulb - Technology key point
Innovative Technology
Three different age faces - Age ratings key point
Suitable for a vartiey of age ranges
Person in a suit with a cog for a head - Professionalkey point
Professional construction & installation
Measuring tape against a climbing wall - Different Heights key point
Tailored to your height requirements
Cog and wand - Customise key point
Customisable & bespoke
Computer Screen - 3D Design key point
3D design process
Easy, medium and hard - Diffculty Levels key point
Suitable for different competence levels
Person stepping onto Stairway to heaven climb
Adult walking across top of Stairway to heaven climb
Child on top of stairway to heaven ready to jump from top
Stairway to heaven climb
Stairway to heaven graphic

Stairway To Heaven

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Ascend to the heavens on the Stairway to Heaven climb, challenges both your nerves as well as your stamina. This cylindrical shape climb involves stepping upwards in a spiral type motion. The climb can be up to 7m tall and with a variety of artwork available.

Requiring balance and concentration, this activity is great fun and exercise. Once you've reached the top you can either turn around and come back down the boring way or jump and gently glide to safety with aid of the auto belay system. Great as a family activity to see how far you dare climb, or race against one another to see who can set the fastest time.

man climbing quad climbing wall
lady climbing quad climbing wall with bespoke climbing wall next to her
lady descending down climbing wall
man climbing up brightly coloured quad climbing wall
Quad climbing wall graphic

Quad Wall

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A space saving climbing wall, enables four climbing walls in the space of one. The quad wall system is a modular structure and can be constructed to meet your height requirements.

Offering a customisable experience with a range of wall artwork as well as grips. Your can create a truly striking climbing wall which is visually stimulating as it is to ascend.

The Quad Wall includes great safety features including the auto belay system which ensures the climber is safe at all times.

interactive climbing wall, with custom background
interactive climbing wall with timer
2 men on interactive climbing wall
interactive climbing wall graphic

Interactive Climbing Walls

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Take climbing to the next level, with Interactive Climbing Walls by Airparx. Our walls offer an infinite number of possible climbing paths to match your experience level.

The colour coded rings which change according to the set difficulty setting. Also change during a climb to simulate a every changing environment as you ascend your climb.

man racing to the top of the speed climing wall and reaching to press the stop buzzer
lady starting to climb up tetris style climbing wall
man speed climbing up chess board style climbing wall
tetris style climbing wall
speed climbing wall graphic

Speed Climbing

Speed Climbing Wall

Race to the top, whoever can climb the wall and press the big red button fastest wins. Our speed climbing walls, come with start button and stop buttons, which feed your time to leader board which is display on a large monitor. Great fun team building, you can once and for all prove you are the fastest.

Like the Quad Wall, these can be fully customised with a variety of different grips and artwork. Or choose your own style of background and grips to make it unique.

The Speed Climbing Wall includes great safety features including the auto belay system which ensures the climber is safe at all times.

2 people racing against each other, face to face on a interactive slimbing wall
lady starting to climb transparent climbing wall
person climbing a transparent climbing wall
speed climbing wall, transparent climbing wall and stariway to heaven climb
transparent climbing wall graphic

Transparent Climbing Walls

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What could be more competitive than having your opponent facing you as you climb. The thrill and rush of trying to climb the wall before your opponent.

Our transparent climbing walls are designed and built to the highest standard ensuring, although they are thin, they are extremely strong. These climbing wall are visually stunning and give the appearance of the climber almost climbing on nothing but air.


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